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Walking the Dogs in Virginia

            If you are one of my new neighbors and you were minding your own business – maybe sitting outside enjoying the morning, having a cup of coffee – I’m sorry.             I just walked the dogs again.             This should be a fairly straightforward event.  A transaction, if you will:  I will take you […]

Two Irish Siris

     Due to some Apple software glitch, I have two Siris.  They are both Irish.  I like having Siri with an accent.  For a while, she had a British-Indian accent.  She’s been Australian, and now her Irish relatives are on the job.             It was going so well.  Irish Siri is cheerful, upbeat, thoughtful:  […]

Prostate Wine

You might look at the words, “Prostate Wine,” and think:  “I’m pretty sure I don’t want to drink that.” Completely understandable!  But be assured, dear reader:  this is not some far more gross version of Swamp Butt, or even anything remotely distasteful.             Actually, it’s a wonderful thing.  A celebration.  A bright, unexpected spark after a […]

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I Miss the Mall!

I miss the mall.  So much.  Not our current mall, limping along with its few stores, just hanging on by a thread and devastated by yet another blow, aka global pandemic.  No, I miss the mall from back in the day. I miss the mall packed with people, no stores boarded up, where if you […]

Trying Times

It’s a spit storm right now, people!  We’re right in the thick of it, and several things can happen in these trying times:   We can freak out.  Well, I think the current national coronavirus toilet paper shortage is evidence that this has occurred.  Good news:  we’re a nation of wipers!  So, there’s that.  The […]

Snow Days and Lent

Every year around this time, two things happen to me:  I start thinking about pancakes.  And I really want to watch “The Quiet Man.” Why pancakes?  For years, we belonged to a church in Maryland that had a pancake supper for Shrove Tuesday; it was great, and we always loaded up on pancakes, link sausage, […]


Hallmark, Can We Talk?

Hallmark Movies, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, you know I love you.  I have watched just about every single movie you two channels have done.  I’m a fan! However, some things have been on my mind. First, would it be the worst thing in the world to let your actors age gracefully?  I’m so sad to see […]